Earthship Biotecutre – Day Five+ The Weekend

Cosmic custard

Led by Phil, best teacher of all time. 

We learned about a new type of Earthship: The Hut (featured above.) 

I am pretty sure that the Earthship I am staying is, is a hut but I’m not totally sure. It is not the greatest design and is considered a ‘failed design,’ or at least sub-great to the Unity and The Global Model .The hut came from a loophole they had to get through. There are lots of valleys involved with the hut which presents a problem when there is snow and ice. They used pumice as insulation and sprayed foam plaster to stop their condensation problem. 

Fun fact: In the tropic, you do not cook inside of your home. 

Then to avoid valleys they came up with the… 

Packaged Model! 

The packaged model was south sloping and there were NO VALLEYS! YEEHAW! This model is the reason why Mike lost his architect’s and planning license in NM because his contracts were considered ‘non-legit’ because the Earthships didn’t always maintain a temperature of 70 degrees. After this, they realized they needed to batter the tire walls. There were no systems built into the building and all plumbing went to one place. They did keep going and somehow managed to save their business. Mike is really good at getting through it. 

In Brighton England they built the ‘Happy Castle.’ This was a packaged model which was a hut with a second greenhouse. This second green house made it perform better. 

Then there was the magnificent GLOBAL MODEL. This is the most approved of model. 

The first one was built in France and it performed very well. Mike was arrested by the French, Phil told us, due to some… lack of work visa or whatever. Phil saw Mike go into the office with the police and after awhile… champagne and croissants also went into the office… and Mike came out drunk as a skunk and apparently … it was all good. But they did get a 300 k fine. Mike went to court and somehow claimed ‘No one has to have a work visa when America stormed the beaches of Normandy..’ HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA omg can’t believe he said that but wow. The guts of this guy impresses me. He did win them over by saying something along the lines of ‘Due to Nazi occupation, there are environmental issues and it’s not easy to get a permit…’ so they got it down to 3k, a much more manageable cost for their client. Then POOF, the global model was made which was basically a packaged model with a second greenhouse. 

Then there is the UNITY- Mike’s favorite model. 

This has a north-sloping roof, fresh air tubes, no valley, no penetration above the comfort zone etc. This includes arches which create cold hallways. Shaded arched vault in front of front door for hot climates. 

For roof structures you can use a membrane or a metal roof depending on the climate…. 

Phil continued Model’s the following Monday. 

Next we learned about getting our CERTIFICATION.  

This is not fun to read unless you are in the acadmey but basically the process involves 1. the school 2. field study and then a 3. thesis/proposal…. 

Now let’s talk about my fan fucking tastic weekend. 

Friday evening we went and sang karaoke at this cute little Carson’s bar. Singing karaoke under the stars is the most absolute perfect way to sing karaoke. We had a gorgeous evening. 

Saturday we went to the amazing Taos farmer’s market and purchased a few fun things. We sat by the water after and roasted in the sun, I wish I had brought my books. We then cooked a cute dinner that evening .. I think? I kind of forgot at this point. 

Sunday we had a laundry day, ate a free meal with our crew at the Ashram. After which we came to my ‘hut’ and had a lovely dinner. 

My notes were not cute Friday so I will note be posting lol I drew this cat instead. 



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