Hannah Bull                                                                                                                          December 2020
Instagram: @hannahbullflux & @hannahbullnectar


2014      BS in Psychology with a minor in Two-Dimensional Studio Art, Sam Houston State University
               Awarded Art Mentorship for W.A.S.H. program, 2013

Professional Experience
Art Instructor                                                                                                                                                                            2015 – present
Charter School
Her current school is a high-performing public charter schools proving that students from underserved communities can achieve at the highest academic levels. 

Designer                                                                                                                                                                                   2020 – present Hungry Like the Wolf Restaurant, Houston
Designer for interior of business which includes the creation of wall murals and selection of art work for the interior and exterior building.

Project Coordinator                                                                                                                                                                 2019
Anheuser Busch, Karbach Interactive Bar, Karbach Brewery, Houston
Acted as project coordinator for the installation which was an interactive bar experience designed for Karbach and Anheuser Busch for product sampling and branding. I designed and coordinated the exterior and interior and brought on local artists: Input/Output, Black Cassidy, and Alexandra Lechin to help with my vision. Presented at the George R. Brown Convention Center.

Solo Exhibition

2020      O.K. Art & Coffee, The Tipping Point, Houston

Selected Group Exhibitions

2018      Empty Box, Box 13 ArtSpace, Houston

2018      Dem Damn Dames Vanjanuary, Numbers Night Club, Houston

2017      Remembering the Alien, Insomnia Gallery, Houston

2017      Dem Damn Dames Vanjanuary, Numbers Night Club, Houston

2016      Houston Music Arts and Hall of Fame, Karbach Brewery, Houston; Boomtown Coffee, Houston

2015      Kikis Sordid Side Show, Warehouse Live, Houston

Selected Commissions

2020 Hungry like the wolf

A 50 x 30 ft. mural named ‘Nighthawks Redeux’ consisting of Edward Hooper’s Nighthawks with scenes from the 80’s film, The Breakfast Club.

2020 Grand Prize

A 20 x 10 ft. mural featuring a flag-like composition of progressive movements in solidarity towards equality featuring: BLM, Gay and Trans pride as well as a portrait of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

2020      Eado Bike Co. Houston
A 30 x 30 ft. Go Vote Mural to entice and inspire the East Downtown community to vote.

2019 Truckyard Houston

A 20 x 20 hot pink and red leopard mural featured in the women’s restrooms for quality photographs.

2017      Walters Downtown, Houston
A 15 by 15 foot mural of a naturalist Vitruvian man reinterpretation.

2017      Houston Hot Yoga
A 20 by 60 foot mural of a multi-colored sunset for their storefront. It expanded across the front of the building.

2017      Defunkt’s The Void
A 20 by 20 foot mural done with latex paint.

2016      Hue Mural Fest

A 50 x 20 ft mural done with Lindsay Light Burch on the side of Karbach Brewery featuring recently deceased pop portrait of Prince.

2016      Strut Presents: La Jaula, Strut, Houston
A 15 by 60 foot funky 90’s mural for their photo backdrop.

2016      Karbach Brewery, Houston
Hired as an art agent as well as an artist; asking me to complete one oil painting on a 30 x 30 canvas of a metaphorical visual interpretation of one of their featured beers.

In addition, approximately 30 oil paintings, 100 prints and 2 murals have been sold to private clients.


2019      Flora Shelter, Art Car Ball, Houston
A site-specific installation that was used as a therapeutic shelter to house feelings of safety, love and comfort. Mediums used were wood, wire, paper mache flowers, wood stumps, carpets and pillows. Viewers were invited to sit inside and enjoy the space. The installation also doubled as a rain shelter. 

2019      Ghostland Observatory and Karbach Brewery, Karbach Brewery, Houston
Featuring a series of 8 hand-painted televisions with various 90’s TV glitches surronded in plants on steel risers (made by collaborating artist A. Lechin) with projections of various media projected onto the installation, a fusion of past and present American viewership in similar comfort of a ‘living space.’

Video Direction and Production

2019      Pussy Pop, filmed at the Secret Group, Houston
Produced, Directed, Choreographed and Sang for the track of an advert video for the event I was producing called ‘Pussy Pop 2018.’  Sponsored by Pabst Blue Ribbon. Funds raised for Girls Rock Camp, Houston.

2018      Pussy Pop, filmed at Spruce Goose, Houston
Produced, Directed, Choreographed and Sang for the track of an advert video for the event I was producing called Pussy Pop 2018.  Sponsored by Pabst Blue Ribbon. Funds raised for the Yellowhammer Fund and Planned Parenthood.

Produced Events

2019                     Heart Drive, The Dive, Houston

2018/19                Pussy Pop, Spruce Goose, Houston
An all-inclusive event celebrating high femme. Various movers and shakers djayed as pop icons. Included pop music video and fundraising for Girls Rock Camp.

2017–19               Dream Machine, Various venues, Houston
An avant-garde digital arts festival with performances, digital and interactive art installations.

2015–17                The Waughford Presents, The Waughford, Houston

2016                     Houston Music Arts and Hall of Fame, Karbach Brewery, Houston, April 2016
An awards ceremony, concert and art show that showcased local movers and shakers from various mediums (Art, Dance, Music) in an afternoon event at Karbach Brewery.

2014/16                Sketchbook Saloon, The Corkscrew, Houston
A burlesque life drawing class happening on Sundays once a month.

Live Painting

2019      Rojava Strong, Darwin’s Pub, Houston

2019 Another Door Opens, Makerspace Houston

2018      Cirque Noir ‘ Serge Devant, Houston

2016      Pop Shop Holiday Market, Spring Street Studios

2016      Cirque Noir ‘ Behrouz, POST HTX

2016      Kam Franklin’s Flashy and Trashy Valentine’s Show, Continental Club, Houston

2015      Keep it Local Fest, Karbach Biergarten, Houston

2015      Yes, Indeed, AvantGarden, Houston

2013      Montrose Pub Crawl, Montrose Proper, Houston


2018      Box 13 Artspace, Houston, TX

Selected Publications/Press

2020 Shoutout Feature in VoyageHouston (coming soon)

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Professional references upon request