Hannah Bull is a Houston artist, muralist, and educator whose work explores the tension between primal and sophisticated side of our being, our human relationship with nature and the individualized relationship with oneself. Bull is a mixed media artist, involving both 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional products. Using two signature marking styles–the floral drip and the glitch–Hannah Bull’s techniques serve as visual language to further express her ideas. The ‘floral drip’ technique speaks to collective consciousness, ‘rewilding,’ and nature’s fleeting beauty.  Separately, ‘glitch’ technique illuminates the differences and congruences we share with one another, and the inherent disconnect that pairs with our sameness in an effort to influence peace and harmony. 

For Hannah Bull, the ego hides in the shadow of the visible spectrum that we each radiate from. Her works stands as a tool for self-expression: the artist explores her fragility, mental health, and discomforts, while engaging self care, complexities, and gratitude. Bull’s work aims to be a gentle reminder that without abundant love and gratitude for the self, there is much pain. She considers her work to be a love letter to the universe.