Collect it for the Culture III Mural: Celestial Drip

My challenge as an artist is to heal, not only for my self but for everyone, even the strangers. I’ve explored various mediums and practices in art that all lead towards one mission; love and ascension. I drip, warp and change perspectives to refresh, to heal and to allow others to see outside of their own rose colored lens manifested as a oil painted canvas, mural, event or installations covered in handmade flowers.

For this piece, Celestial Drip: Ascension, I am putting my own twist on the Renaissance Fresco.

Earthship Biotecutre – Day Five+ The Weekend

Cosmic custard Led by Phil, best teacher of all time.  We learned about a new type of Earthship: The Hut (featured above.)  I am pretty sure that the Earthship I am staying is, is a hut but I’m not totally sure. It is not the greatest design and is considered a ‘failed design,’ or at…

Earthship Biotecture – Day Four

How to Read Drawings          It was hella hard to keep up today: symbols, scale etc. Our bodies are aching and our minds are very full. Mom came out of surgery okay, she is doing very well.  There are many different drawing types: Maps & Site Plans, Sections, Floor Plans etc. There…

Earthship Biotecture – Day Three

             I had the wildest dreams last night. They were so wild, I can’t even speak to them although I remember them vividly. Dreams out here seems more clear and also very emotional.              My mom also had her surgery today. It went well and…

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